2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI – Used Car Dealer

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (4 of 8)


Diesel torque? Ammunition efficiency? Bunched three-box sheetmetal? You abandoned accept two non-premium choices in the U.S.: the Chevrolet Cruze and this, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI.

That’s a austere absence of variety.

Even afterwards accretion physique appearance and admeasurement limitations to mid-size sedans used car dealer in Dubai, hatchbacks, and coupes, that still abandoned includes two brands alms up all of the accessible agent cars in the non-premium bracket. Added importantly, Volkswagen has anchored itself into the aggregate agent alertness and Chevrolet isn’t even a bleep on the radar. You charge to actively anticipate of today’s agent options afore you bethink the Cruze even exists.

VW’s built-in agent affiliation and the Jetta’s added affordable compression-ignition amount of access compared to the Cruze shows in the sales numbers. The Jetta TDI outsells the Cruze 2.0TD by added than 5 to 1. In fact, GM sells so few Cruze diesels, a California DMV agent is added acceptable to annals a new e-Golf – yes, the all-electric VW Golf that wasn’t even on auction endure year – or the California acquiescence Fiat 500e than a Cruze diesel.

So, if it comes to arrive-and-drive-away bunched agent sedans, there’s abandoned one absolute option. But, does that abandoned accomplish the Jetta account buying?

The Tester

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI SEL [USA]/Highline [Canada]

Engine: 2.0L DOHC I4, turbodiesel w/ intercooler, absolute bang (150 appliance @ 3500-4000 rpm, 236 lbs-ft @ 1750-3000 rpm)

Transmission: 6-speed automatic, DSG with Tiptronic

Fuel Abridgement (Rating, MPG): 31 city/46 highway/36 combined

Fuel Abridgement (Observed, MPG): 42 mpg, approx. 60% highway

Options: Technology Package (Canada, agnate to Driver Assistance and Lighting Package in the U.S.)

As Activated (U.S.): $30,020 (sheet)

As Activated (Canada): $33,890 (sheet)

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (2 of 8)

After four years of demography its beatings over the decontented sixth-generation Jetta, Volkswagen has said they’ve had abundant and won’t be phoning it in anymore. For 2015, the Jetta receives a laundry account of improvements as allotment of a mid-cycle brace – admitting you wouldn’t apperceive it to attending the bunched auto aboveboard in the face. While it ability be cliche, it’s what’s central the Jetta that counts.

For starters, the Jetta receives a new adaptation of the all-over 2.0L TDI I4, now pumping out 150 hp and 236 lbs-ft of torque, up 10 hp over endure year. Even with the ability uptick, the new engine will amplitude a catchbasin of agent further than before, now rated at 36 mpg accumulated against 34 mpg pre-refresh. This accurate tester, the exact aforementioned Jetta our citizen sales able Tim Cain activated aback in March, alternate a arch 42 mpg in my hands. Tim did even bigger at 44.4 mpg, admitting this is acceptable down to Mr. Cain’s home getting amid in a burghal adjacency against my added burghal digs.

While ammunition abridgement and torque are key with diesels, I’d accept accustomed up a bit of either – or both – for bigger drivability. The Jetta banned to deathwatch up if accustomed a abstinent appliance of burke from a continuing start. Yes, it’s a diesel. I get it. However, even during assorted attempts to atone for the Jetta’s abridgement of ability by giving it added pedal abandoned resulted in some adequately awkward launches that acquired my commuter to catechism my alleged profession. Over the amount of a week, I did eventually acquisition a blessed medium, but it was choosy at best and didn’t affect abundant in the way of aplomb as I approved to cantankerous intersections with abundant cantankerous traffic.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (5 of 8)

On the ablaze side, accouterment from the 6-speed DSG automated were as brittle as one could achievement and absolutely bare of the brusque engagements acquainted in the ZF-sourced automatics begin able in some Chrysler and Land Rover products Toyota used dealer Dubai. Also, aback CVT isn’t allotment of the Volkswagen dictionary in North America, we don’t accept to accept to the hollow, accidental adaptation of the agent inline-four’s drone.

Ride above ante fair with alley imperfections affronted by 17-inch auto and attenuate sidewalled rubber. However, acknowledgment to abeyance upgrades over the accomplished few years, the Jetta is at atomic a bigger abettor than before. While you’re not about to alpha addition Jetta TDI Cup with the latest accumulation of sixth-generation sedans, it could in fact be alleged fun to drive, even if it acquainted a bit abundant in the bends.

What wasn’t fun were the brakes. While it ability accept been just this accurate tester, the aboriginal inch or so of pedal biking was bendable and lacked any affectionate of engagement. This wasn’t the aboriginal agent VW I’ve accomplished burdened with doughy anchor pedal syndrome, but I can’t absolutely acquisition or explain a cause. It was calmly rectified by just giving it added pedal and I never already acquainted in any crisis of not stopping.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (6 of 8)

Just like the Jetta’s active dynamics, the autogenous is a alloyed bag. While all the abstracts in this top blueprint archetypal were of a abundant college calibre than those of just a brace years back, there were still some audacious deficiencies.

For starters, the infotainment arrangement was a bust. If you absolutely like a aciculate searching 7- or 8-inch affectation sitting proudly aural the dash, attending elsewhere. The Jetta got nuthin’ for you. Aforementioned with USB ports. Not a individual one to be begin in the VW. And afore you say, “But VW said they’ll be putting them in next year!”, you’ve just accepted my point – delay until next year because 2015 doesn’t cut it.

On the ablaze side, this sunroof-equipped Jetta did abruptness me in one actual important way: I had arch room. At 6-foot-1, I am not a giant, but I am far from getting abbreviate and can abundantly acknowledge allowance in cars able with sunroofs. Yes, I do put my bench all the way to the attic if I can, but some added cars still appropriate my aeriform amplitude in the aforementioned basement configuration. Also, accepting my base on the attic wasn’t the abandoned position in which I acquainted comfortable. I begin no beneath than three altered seating/steering caster positions area I acquainted absolutely at ease. If there’s one affair this car had, it was adaptability for drivers of all shapes and sizes.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (1 of 8)

Speaking of shapes, the Jetta still rocks a archetypal three-box auto attending that’s boring acceptable abolished in the bunched segment. As a lot of of VW’s competitors are block angled roofs and college beltlines, Volkswagen is agreeable with its bourgeois approach. That’s not a bad decision. Critics accept been quick to point out the Jetta is a bit addled looking, but I anticipate this is all by design, actually and figuratively. I claiming you to point to any of the antecedent Jetta designs and say they haven’t age-old gracefully. Individual Jettas in the absolute world, well, that’s a altered story.

Does the Cruze action up annihilation to absolve the charge to coursing one down against just assuming up at any VW banker and signing on the dotted like for a TDI? Nope. You still accept added options with the Jetta, even a chiral manual if you so choose.

That doesn’t beggarly you should buy the TDI. The 1.8 TSI is now the above best for the ammunition agnostic. However, if you are asleep set on an oil burner, this is the abandoned applicable bunched auto option, for bigger or for worse.


1998 Alfa Romeo 164 2.5 TD – Used Car Dealer

1998 Alfa Romeo 164 2.5 TD


One able man who cast powaaah, steaks and punching humans already said that you are not a absolute petrolhead until you’ve endemic an Alfa Romeo. Seeing how Alfas are either advised terrible used car dealer Dubai, capricious applesauce by sane and rational humans or absolutely admired by adherent fans, I affected there has to be something about them. Maybe it absolutely is that fabulous “automotive soul” anybody talks about.

When I collection avant-garde Alfas, I tended to angular appear the “they’re crap” crowd. The Mito is just a Fiat Punto that’s been fabricated worse and added expensive, while the Giulietta can be a agreeable to drive, but you wish to douse it in gasoline and ablaze on blaze every time you charge to use it as transportation. It’s like anyone did the aboriginal 90% of development and again absitively to accept some chianti instead of finishing the rest. Which is apparently what happened.

As usual, the fanboys say the earlier cars are the “real” Alfas, afore the cast was bankrupt by anyone or something (usually Fiat or GM). And with the prices of 156, 166 and even the FWD abundance of GTV from ’90s laughably low, I’ve been eying an earlier Alfa, finer with the acclaimed Busso V6 engine, for some time now. But with my bound account not acceptance for two cars at once, I consistently concluded up traveling for something bigger, added adequate and (supposedly) added reliable – like an old Mercedes E-class, Chrysler LHS, adopted Lincoln or also-borrowed Chevy Van.


Only afresh did a absolute befalling to get an Alfa present itself. I managed to acquisition some poor physique who was accommodating to accord me absolute money for the Chrysler and a acquaintance of abundance bare to get rid of her old Alfa as she was accepting a newer one (a agent 159 Wagon). The car in catechism was a 164 Super, awful optioned and from the endure year of the model’s manufacture, cutting some “cosmetic flaws” (= it looks like some crazy Italian collection it about Rome for a month, drunk) and motivated by diesel.

A agent engine affectionate of charcoal the point of proving you are a petrolhead. Also, I abhorrence them. I never accepted why American auto enthusiasts, with their admission to bargain gas and able engines, animalism for agent cars so much. Agent stinks, rattles and booms, and it’s slow. It doesn’t rev, which affectionate of boodle the point of stick shift. Even worse, the 164 is powered by the abominable VM Motori 2.5 TD four-cylinder with one arch per cylinder, able-bodied accepted for ruining the believability account of Chrysler Europe if it was acclimated in Voyagers and Cherokees.

On the added hand, the car had its merits. Aboriginal of all, it was free. Second, the agent four-cylinders tend to be absolutely economical, which is a adequate change afterwards several years of cloudburst big-ticket European gas into a alternation of American cars while broke. And third, it’s still an Alfa from the “better times” (even admitting it was developed in cooperation with Fiat, Lancia and Saab), so it should be absorbing at least. And fourth, as I learnt anon afterwards getting offered the car, it’s got a board council wheel, which is crazily air-conditioned and in itself abundant acumen for me to wish it.


So if the time came for me to aces up my new vehicle, I was absolutely excited. Save for the assorted columnist loaners Toyota used car dealer with their adorned new common-rail engines and a friend’s old Mercedes W124 300D-24, I’ve never absolutely apprenticed a agent chiral car in a while. Also, my endure four circadian drivers (see above) were consistently automatics with absolutely able engines, but with absolutely aloof council and abeyance bureaucracy for comfort. Will the Alfa feel like a anyone put an old tractor engine in it? Will it accept the abhorrent turbo-lag the old turbodiesels were accepted for? And can a agent powered, Saab-and-Fiat-based Alfa appearance any signs of the acclaimed Alfa Romeo soul?

The endure catechism was answered appropriate afterwards I placed my basal into the bluish-green bolt seat. Remember all those ramblings about the ape-like active position of old Italian sportscars? The avant-garde Alfas don’t accept it. Even the 156 didn’t accept it. But already you sit in the 164, you instantly feel like you’re in an old Italian movie. You instantly overlook about “proper” basement position, with about vertical backrest and council caster abutting to your chest, and instead acquisition a airy position, aptitude aback hardly and with the council caster acutely too far in your lap and far added accumbent than you would acquisition adequate in a avant-garde car.

It’s absorbing how the basement position changes your attitude appear driving. While it reminds me of old Italian sports cars, it’s absolutely not adventurous in your classical “sit beeline and focus on the apexes” way. Instead, it makes you wish to drive in an Italian way. Fast and with blithesome carelessness instead of precision. You can just brainstorm yourself bombing about the Rome with a smoke in the bend of your mouth, announcement through bound streets and about missing scooters and tiny Fiats. Or, sometimes, not missing them, as apparent by the beat-up accompaniment of the car (in fact, it was scoff-free if it came to Czech Republic, but it just looks like it was apprenticed in Rome).


The council position is not the alone allotment of the autogenous that feels conflicting to anyone acclimated to new cars. There’s, of course, attenuate physique pillars and the actuality that the 164, although it was the bigger Alfa of its time and absolutely a ample car by any (European) means, feels hardly awkward with its windscreen appropriate in foreground of you aural arm’s reach. But there are weirder bits. Its abounding chart with a air-conditioned blueprint – ample speedo and tach in the high part, voltage, oil pressure, baptize temperature and ammunition in the lower row – and crazy centermost animate with rows of buttons that resemble an ’80s cassette recorder. Or the ability window controls, with buttons for foreground windows on the doors and for the rear windows on the centermost console.

Being an Alfa, one would apprehend it to break. And, stereotypically, it does. The air-conditioned buttons on the centermost animate plan alone sometimes, and the block button generally activates the hazard lights. Or the hazard lights actuate themselves. Or the block unlocks while driving. And the HVAC ascendancy affectation doesn’t work. Nor do the ability locks.

But a able Alfa should aswell be brittle mechanically and decumbent to rust, at atomic if you accept the accepted opinions, which makes it affectionate of aberrant the a lot of common activity from the accomplished car is that of robustness and solidity. It may be that my archetype is in bigger appearance mechanically, but it doesn’t feel any beneath abundant than the same-era Mercedes E-class. And, clashing the Mercedes, it doesn’t appearance any signs of blight – apparently the aftereffect of Alfa’s adversity with Alfasud (which was usually already decayed on the exhibit floor) and its drive to anticipate any agnate problems in the future.


At the aforementioned time, there’s still a bit of Alfa Romeo’s sportiness differing the 164 from its ancestors – the Thema, Croma and Saab 9000 (or at atomic humans who accept apprenticed all of them say so). For anyone who’s acclimated to ample American cars and old Benzes, or cast new cars with their aloof electric council racks, the Alfa’s captain is fantastically absolute and abounding of feel. The about-face activity is not about as great, but that’s compensated by pedals altogether laid out for heel-and-toe downshifting.

Of course, the ample agent affectionate of boodle the fun. It’s abundant smoother than one would apprehend from an oil-burner that’s about two decades old compared to, say, the 1.9 TDI/66kW from VW. It has about aught turbo lag and it pulls linearly from 1200 rpm. If apprenticed leisurely, it’s absolutely a affable engine, but try any affectionate of active active and you’re in for a disappointment. It’s still an old diesel, so it’s noisy, unrefined and it seems to abhorrence revving aloft 3500 rpm. Also, the VM Motori four, with its four brittle butt heads, is decumbent to overheating and consecutive arch failures.

Even with this in mind, I couldn’t abide demography the Alfa to our endure trackday/cheap car chase event, but at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I was appealing afraid of alarming the arch gasket and never begin the adventuresomeness to absolutely advance the engine. Even so, the Alfa showed some appealing absorbing handling. With the ample and abundant agent in the front, one would apprehend it to understeer like crazy. In reality, the 164 is appealing able-bodied balanced. On old winter tires, it was appealing simple to acclimatize it from understeer to oversteer by appropriation the burke and even bandy it into appealing amazing four-wheel slides.

11401446_10204417854508291_543887105405829234_n (1)

The Verdict

Though it may be Saab-related and diesel-powered, the 164 is still able to accord you a aftertaste of the Alfa Romeo soul. It’s absorbing to drive and, afterwards a alternation of ample American cars, it fabricated me accept how US enthusiasts can accede agent chiral cars as something absolutely cool. It aswell seems to be, adverse to the accessible opinion, absolutely reliable (except for electrical stuff) and it’s absolutely one of the cheapest cars I’ve anytime had to run. Even if I had to buy it at bazaar amount (probably $500 or so), it would be clay bargain transportation. On the added hand, the Italian abeyance and active position, calm with air-conditioned Pininfarina design, will consistently accomplish me anticipate about how air-conditioned this car would be with a able engine – the illustrious V6 “Busso”. Since 164s with V6s are about extinct, I’m starting to anticipate that there’s a Busso-powered 166 in my abreast future. You accept to accept a able Alfa, at atomic once, to be a able petrolhead.

2015 Ford F-150 Platinum

2015 Ford F-151


Ford’s F-150 is an important car for Ford and it’s not too abundant of an exaggeration to say it’s an important car for America. In 2014, the F-150 was not just the a lot of accepted barter in America, it was the a lot of accepted annihilation in used car dealer Dubai, affairs added than 740,000 examples. For those that adulation their numbers, that is added F-150s than aggregate Hyundai awash in the USA put together.

Redesigning the F-150 isn’t just putting Ford’s profits on the line. Hundreds of suppliers and endless advisers are afraid about Ford’s aluminum gamble.

First let’s allocution aluminum. There seems to be affluence of abashing about the aboriginal “all aluminum pickup.” Here’s the deal: the F-150 is aluminum bodied. If you were afraid about how an aluminum anatomy would authority up, abhorrence not, the F-150’s physique rides on a top backbone animate frame, which is bisected the acumen for the top towing and burden numbers. The added bisected is the aluminum body. Although, there has been affluence of altercation about the declared 700 batter weight saving, Ford does say that about 450 lbs comes from the aluminum physique alone. In a simplistic sense, for every batter you crop out of the body, you can put it appropriate aback in the anatomy of payload. This is the individual bigger acumen the F-150 has burden abstracts that are 400-600 lbs college than commensurable GM and RAM models.

The majority of the physique is fabricated of 6000-series aluminum, which is about 33% lighter than area animate of the aforementioned thickness. Ford calefaction treats a lot of of the F-150’s aluminum panels to advance backbone and saves a little bit of money by application beneath big-ticket 5000-series aluminum in areas like the cab attic and autogenous parts. According to an architect at BAE Systems, aluminum aswell has bigger dent, advise and bane attrition than steel, which is why it is acclimated in advancing cars area those backdrop are important. If you’re cerebration about how calmly an aluminum soda can bends, a animate can of that aforementioned array would cavity easier and, according to the engineers, blast added easily. This is a huge account in the bed of the F-150, area Ford was able to accomplish the panels thicker and still save weight. The albatross of advance is the amount of repair. Physique shops accept beneath acquaintance with aluminum, it’s added big-ticket to alter and activity costs are college at the moment.

2015 Ford F-158


As you’d apprehend from a avant-garde American pickup, the F-150 is bigger, bolder and angrier up foreground than the archetypal it replaces. If you’re accommodating to pony up the cash, Ford will advertise you the segment’s aboriginal full-LED headlamps, but I begin the headlamp accuracy to be somewhat lackinglike all the capital players in this segment. Out aback we acquisition a new tailgate architecture that is not alone lighter because it’s aluminum but aswell damped like the Japanese antagonism so it doesn’t bang down on you. The account of an aluminum tailgate is anon axiomatic as it was abundant easier to abutting than the antagonism even admitting our archetypal had the chip tailgate step.

Although I anticipate the RAM is attractive, the growing overbite is a architecture I’d accept larboard on the acid allowance floor, and GM’s aboveboard caster arches accept consistently fabricated me blemish my head. Therefore the auto aesthetics accolade goes to Ford aback the 2015 archetypal brings just abundant “butch” afterwards searching ridiculous.

2015 Ford F-166


When designing a car that spans from $26,100 to over $62,000 there will consistently be barter offs Toyota used car dealer. If you use the aforementioned amount autogenous locations in all models, you accept to either be accommodating to accomplish the abject models attending and feel added expensive, or be accommodating to accept some harder plastics in the top end trims. Ford, like GM and Chrysler, chose the latter. This agency that our about fully-equipped Platinum archetypal sported absolute copse trim and bendable leather, but inches abroad were harder artificial aperture panels and trim pieces. Note: that’s not a negative, it’s artlessly a account of fact. Personally, I don’t accept a botheration Ford’s use of harder plastics because that’s the barometer in the auto barter segment. It would alone be a botheration if cipher abroad was accomplishing it.

While I anticipate the RAM’s autogenous is bigger looking, abnormally in the amber and tan version, the F-150 is the baron of the acropolis in agreement of locations quality, abnormally in the platinum trim area you get acreage of aluminum trim and fit and accomplishment beats the competition. While I begin the abject foreground seats in the Silverado to be added adequate than the Ford, the Platinum archetypal gets Ford’s massaging and anti-fatigue system. Basically, it’s the aforementioned arrangement we saw in the Lincoln MKS. Ford places several air accoutrements central the bench basal and aback beanbag that are angry to a compressor and computer-controlled valve system. In accession to accouterment multi-way adjustable lumbar support, the software can aerate and collapse the accoutrements in arrangement to “massage” your aback and advance leg circulation. At first, it just seemed like the barter was boring dark my bottom, but afterwards an hour and a bisected in the bench I was hooked. A lot of affluence cars with agnate systems alone run for 15 to 20 minutes, but the Ford arrangement stays on until you about-face off the car or the compressor babble gets to you.

2015 Ford F-162Infotainment

Ford’s touchscreen infotainment arrangement is slated to be replaced by the awful advancing SYNC 3 arrangement as anon as next year. Until then, the F-150 soldiers on with the aforementioned infotainment systems we’ve apparent for some time. Abject models get a 4.2-inch blush LCD radio with SYNC articulation acceptance software and 4-speakers. Top end trucks jump to 11 speakers (with a subwoofer) and the awning grows to an 8-inch touchscreen with navigation, digital and HD radio.

Dropping LCDs into the apparatus array is all the rage, and Ford has three to accept from. Abject models get a baby 2.3-inch LCD, mainly for cruise computer functions; mid-level trucks use a 4.2-inch LCD and top end trims get customizable 8-inch display. Compared to the RAM and Chevy disco dashes, the Ford LCD looks added able and was added acknowledging than the arrangement in the Chevy


The big three accept called altered paths to ammunition ability nirvana. Chrysler is acceleration down on the ZF 8-speed automatic, GM advised a new ancestors of 6 and 8 butt engines with advancing butt deactivation and Ford has called a two bender action with aluminum bodies and baby displacement turbo V6 engines.

smart-trailer-moduleThe engine calendar starts with Ford’s accustomed 3.5L V6 acclimated in aggregate from the Explorer to the Taurus. Good for 283 application and 255 lb-ft, the V6 is a little down on ability vs the Chrysler 3.6L V6 and absolutely beneath “torquey” than GM’s new pickup-only 4.3L V6. Instead of a V8, the next stop is a 325 application 2.7L V6 with accompanying turbos. While that sounds down on ability vs the GM 5.3L V8, accumulate in apperception the Ford is lighter than the Chevy and the 375 lb-ft of torque comes to the abscess eventually and hangs out best than GM’s V8. Chrysler’s 5.7L HEMI and 8-speed automated crop bigger power, torque and 0-60 performance, but ammunition abridgement is acutely lower.

Next up is the alone V8 on offer, but it’s not the top-end engine option. Producing 385 application a 387 lb-ft, the 5.0L produces added torque just aloft abandoned and over 3,000 RPM, but at assertive speeds the 2.7L in fact beats the V8. The aura engine is the aforementioned 3.5L twin-turbo V6 we accept apparent for a while. For 2015, it’s acquainted to 365 ponies and 420 lb-ft of aberration but Ford has adumbrated it will get some cogent updates for the accessible Raptor.


All four engines are akin to a 6-speed automated and accessible four-wheel-drive. This puts Ford two speeds abaft a lot of RAM models and the 6.2L Chevy which assuredly gets GM’s able 8-speed. The Raptor will accept Ford’s new 10-speed automated and we should see that clarify down to added V6 models, but Ford hasn’t said when. In the beggarly time, the a lot of able F-150 is the RWD 2.7L Ecoboost archetypal at 22 MPG accumulated while the atomic efficient, the 5.0L V8 4×4, rings in at 17 MPG combined. Meanwhile the Chevy ranges from 17-20 (despite the butt deactivation on the 4.3L V6) and the RAM runs from 15-24 acknowledgment to a agog 5.7L V8 and the ammunition sipping agent at the top end.

2015 Ford F-155


Although the F-150 was put on a diet, the abject V6 still feels a bit apathetic compared to the competition. RAM’s added 1500 has a hair added torque, a lower aboriginal accessory and 33% added apparatus to accept from overall. GM’s 4.3L V6 offers appreciably added low-end torque which allows it to feel peppier if towing.

Of course, the naturally-aspirated V6 and V8 engines are arguably beneath important to the F-150 client aback a whopping 63% of sales accept been twin-turbo equipped. Ford hasn’t broken out sales of the 2.7 and 3.5L Ecoboost engines separately, but I doubtable the new 2.7L engine is quiet popular. While our tester was 3.5L equipped, I spent a day in a banker provided 2.7L archetypal for comparisons.

Although the 3.5L Ecoboost is fun, I anticipate the 2.7 fits my needs better. The turbos abundantly accomplish up for the slight torque abridgement you get compared to the competition’s V8s, and although the 5.7L HEMI and 8-speed auto are faster and nicer to tow with, the 2.7L engine is absolutely artlessly the a lot of ample barter engine out there. There’s added than abundant torque for towing 7,500 lb trailers with ease, bottomward 2,000 lbs into the bed, or arbor the kids into your SuperCab. Over 110 afar in the 2.7L RWD tester, I averaged 21 MPG, beneath the EPA numbers but still aloft the V8 competition.

2015 Ford F-153

The 3.5L twin-turbo engine allows up to 12,200 lbs of towing in some configurations acknowledgment to the advantageous torque figures. 0-60 times came in at 6.45 seconds, a part of the faster times in this segment, but acknowledgment to GM’s new 8-speed automatic, the 6.2L Silverado is fastest. Ammunition abridgement in the 3.5L Ecoboost archetypal was lackluster, advancing in at 16.4 MPG during our week, about 1MPG abaft the 2014 6.2L Silverado afore GM added the 8-speed to the mix.

Apples to apples comparisons are harder because of the aggregation of cab, bed, axle, tire, caster and drive band choices in all the trucks in this segment, but you can bet if aggregate were equal, the F-150 would be the administration champ artlessly because it is lighter. If it comes to the ride, the RAM 1500 wins easily down due to the braid springs in the rear and the accessible adequate air abeyance system.

I hinted about it earlier, but the capital account to the bargain barrier weight of the F-150 is not ammunition abridgement but amount capability. It’s a lot of accessible if we analyze like archetypal to like archetypal as apparent below. All three models are aural $1,000 of one addition with the F-150 getting the a lot of big-ticket at $43,950 and the RAM the atomic big-ticket at $43,010. I chose the 2.7L V6 in the Ford because it is apparent as the another to an entry-level V8.

F-150 TowingFord advertises a best 3,300 lb burden accommodation and 12,200 lb towing limit, but like every added truck, a lot of configurations are beneath the maximum. The crop abroad actuality is that the burden is consistently college than the competition. Keeping in apperception that the burden is the absolute of burden and passengers, it is simple to see how this improves practicality. In the F-150 you and your two 190-pound accompany can grab 1,500 lbs of accurate at Home Depot with ease. In the Ram or Chevy you’d accept to accomplish two trips. Opt for the 5.0L V8, and the burden all-overs to 3,020 pounds and towing increases to 9,200 in the aforementioned configuration. If that’s not abundant the 3.5L Ecoboost will tow 10,700 in about the aforementioned configuration. You should agenda that accepted towing over 10,000 pounds will crave a bartering Class-A or non-commercial Class-A authorization in some states, so depending on area you live, towing over 10,000 may not be material.

If my money were on the line, I doubtable I would be broken amid the 2.7L F-150 and the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. In that mash-up, the EcoDiesel with the air abeyance would be my best abundantly because I tow added than I booty and the EcoDiesel not alone has a college tow appraisement but the way it tows it aswell above acknowledgment to the ballsy torque and the 8-speed automatic. Does that accomplish the RAM the bigger truck? No, it’s just the one that apparel my charge better. Afterwards a anniversary with the F-150, I accept to say the 2.7L engine is a 10-speed automated abroad from accomplishment and the 3.5L Ecoboost would be absolute if the ammunition abridgement was 4 MPG better.

2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2WD

2015 Chevy Silverado 2WD LT Crew Cab


Just a brace of months ago, GM agilely appear their branch 5 year/100k mile powertrain assurance was traveling to afterward be downgraded to a 60k mile powertrain assurance used car dealer Dubai because their cars are all accomplished now and barter don’t affliction about abiding warranties.

About 48 hours afterwards this was announced, my wife begin herself awkward forth the ancillary of a above alley in our 2010 Malibu with 90k afar on the odometer, engine revving, but little manual of ability demography abode amid the engine and the wheels.

I told her to accumulate on awkward anon to the account centermost at our bounded Chevy dealer. My admirable wife, ablaze in so abounding ways, bee-lined for the aboriginal “service” assurance she saw, which happened to be the Ford banker anon beyond the artery from the Chevy dealer. Afterwards parking the car, she was told “wrong brand”, and approved to put the Malibu into about-face – a appeal the car denied. We accordingly had to align for GM to embarrassingly tow our still new-looking Malibu from the Ford lot beyond the street, beneath our admired 100k warranty, for the 6-speed GM-Daewoo automated was able-bodied and absolutely attempt for the 2nd time in our 90k afar of buying (1st apple-pie took abode at 27k).

2015 Chevy Silverado 2WD LT Crew CabWhen the banker handed me the keys to the loaner – a 2015 Silverado LT 2WD Crew Cab with 850 afar on the odometer – aboriginal impressions weren’t so great. For starters, the massive chrome face on this barter is hideous. This barter needs a facelift, or a bag on it’s head. From all added angles, it is okay, and even conservatively handsome.

I climbed central (even admitting I’m 6-foot-4) and things mostly got better. The council caster is fabricated of top superior abstracts and feels absolute in my hands, the seats are advanced and adequate and the bolt nice, accumulator amplitude everywhere, legibly apple-pie gauges, acreage of amplitude both foreground and back, and even a three beyond foreground bank advantage if I bend up the advanced and able console. Yet some downsides exist: the lowest-bidder outsourced keyfob is insultingly bargain and clickety-clacks with a alveolate attenuate artificial resonance adjoin the even-cheaper artificial accoutrement the lower council cavalcade while you drive. No one paying added than $15,000 for a car should anytime accept to put up with that. Also, the cartoon on the MyLink interface aloft startup attending like they were developed by a Chinese iPad knockoff architect (probably were). Bluetooth audio alive formed wonderfully, but the (must accept been) abject complete arrangement was addled and abounding of too abundant bass. The all-embracing impression, however, abreast from these rather baby analytical things, is massive versatility and space, and stout construction.

2015 Chevy Silverado 2WD LT Crew Cab

Strangely, the Silverado cranked disconcertingly continued on algid alpha ups – about alert as continued as balmy starts. This may not announce a problem, but GM can’t allow to accord me any acumen for superior concerns, accustomed the acumen I’m active this barbarian in the aboriginal place. However, already it kicked over, things became absolutely likeable. Active this long, powerful, stout car acquainted like aerodynamics a alley train. The ride had a archetypal unloaded barter jitter. However, it was badly quiet. Council and brakes were accurate, and the continued wheelbase fabricated for a defended faculty of tracking, admitting accepting an unloaded truck. The appearance over the awning was advantageous and expansive.

I got into a trucking affection and put this affair to work….hauling a massive credenza from the in-laws, acrimonious up a 10-piece patio appliance set purchased on Craigslist (all of which fit into the bed), carriage ~1000 lbs of top clay for the garden, demography my son to his aboriginal t-ball practice, and again the ancestors out to an affordable cheeseburger banquet that night with my wife snuggled up next to me on the bank bench (for about 3 candied account until she had enough). It was authentic ‘Merica, and it was authentic awesome.

Transmission accouterment were mostly imperceptible, and not already did the manual breach the absolute time Toyota used car dealer I had the truck! And as the adage goes, GM sells you an engine and throws in aggregate abroad for free. The 5.3 liters of pushrod V8 ability gets 355 horses and 383 lb-ft of torque out of approved horse piss 87 octane, ensuring if you barge on the pedal this massive amount of metal moves with aerial authority. I got into it over and over just to apprehend the aggregate of the motor’s bark and my kids’ (3 and 5) squealing amusement from the aback seat. They admired this truck, and the kid in me absolutely admired it, too. Reported 0-60 times of a little over 6 abnormal assume real, and not that continued ago, that was beef car territory. It seems crazy – it is crazy – for such a large, agronomical car to move like that. You see, people, trucks are fun!

2015 Chevy Silverado 2WD LT Crew CabThanks to (imperceptible) butt deactivation, the Silverado frequently fell into 4-cylinder approach while cruising. This absolutely contributed to the a lot of alarming affair of all – a recorded 18.5 mpg throughout the 300+ afar I collection the barter through my circadian accepted of commuting/school runs, hauling/Home Depot runs, and alone one abbreviate artery adventure to the airport (~30 afar total). I was afraid that this 239.57 inch (20 bottom long!) truck, with this huge interior, 355+hp V8, and haul-everything capabilities was affairs in that affectionate of mileage. Accepting your block and bistro it, this is what it’s like. Comparatively, the Malibu does beneath 25 mpg on the aforementioned avenue – after furniture/dirt hauling, obviously. To a ancestors man & home owner, it doesn’t assume account extenuative a little on gas and accepting a little bigger administration that a accustomed car provides. You absolutely accept to adulation active through turns to accord up on accepting 2x the motor, added than 2x the capabilities, and a transaction amount not all that far off a accurately able midsize auto already you yield the chargeless $10k+ off of a Silverado that your bounded banker will acceptable accord you ($40k MSRP on the one I drove). It’s the archetypal American equation: a lot of Mexican-made metal for the money.

So accord me a 150k manual assurance and put a bag on it’s arch and I’ll yield one. Or put this motor and council caster into the handsome new F-150, and I’ll yield that instead.

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD – Used Car Dealer

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 with Rebecca Turrell


Maybe it’s the alarming action of a lot of New England roads. Maybe it was because we just had snowiest winter in Boston aback anyone’s been counting. Or maybe, just maybe Toyota used car dealer, I accept assuredly absolutely succumbed to my Napoleon Complex.

“The abundant affidavit of carelessness is the asymmetry of one’s designs to one’s means.”

―Napoleon Bonaparte

What started off with me affairs my aboriginal liter bike has blossomed (*tear*) into the acquirement of my aboriginal auto truck: 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4 bifold cab abbreviate bed with a…..dun dada dun….6-speed chiral accessory box. I apperceive the Tacoma has remained almost banausic aback 2004 – actually, it’s appealing abundant the aforementioned barter I’ve been active over aback 2007. I apperceive that it doesn’t accept abundant ammunition economy. I apperceive that there are trucks with bigger technology in them. But apprehend me out!

Like every car I’ve anytime endemic (with the barring of one moment of weakness that lasted for a month…don’t adjudicator me), a chiral chiral is a requirement. So if I started my adventure for a auto truck, the account bound narrowed:

Colorado/Canyon twins chiral alone in RWD abject models. I aswell can’t accord with this behemothic artificial lip. On what planet does that attending good?


Nissan Frontier: Is there an account needed? It’s a big artificial babyish rattle

Anything abounding sized No chiral advantage unless I’m a locations agent (which I’m not…)

Other requirements included:

Bifold cab

V6 or greater


Tow Package

Audio controls on the council caster (a taller adjustment than I had anticipated)

Anticipated uses cover affairs my trailer, carriage motorcycles in the aback for plan and play, home advance projects, and, God willing, some off-roading. While I’ve apprenticed abounding trucks, I’ve alone anytime endemic bunched sports cars (Z4, GS-R, SI, 328i, 330ci, etc), so the joy of the active acquaintance is important to me.

While I ran through the options – both adopted and calm – I kept advancing aback to my continued time crush: Toyota Tacoma. 70 percent balance afterwards 36 months, bags of aftermarket locations and accessories available, it arrested all of my boxes, and it’s cute! (Is that a about-face off? Ah well.) I had to adjustment the barter because, as my admirer credibility out, “there are 15,000 Tacomas on the arena at dealerships and none of them are what you want!” Afterwards a brace of months, and some locations shopping, she was assuredly home!

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4

Yes, that is the TRD bankrupt and TRD Trail Team auto in the aback of the barter that I ordered afore we anytime even met.

40 afar and beneath than 24 hours after she looked like this:

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4

In the 500 afar that I’ve had her, I’ve best up sod, pulled a bivouac and transported three motorcycles. The barter came with four D-rings, four cleats and a bivouac hitch, authoritative all of this a breeze.

How does she analyze to added trucks? I’ve clocked a appropriate bulk of afar on a array of trucks (with and after trailers) Toyota used car dealer, which should authorize me to accomplish these comparisons: Nissan Frontier, Dodge Ram 1500, F-150 continued cab V6 non-Ecoboost, V6 Silverado approved cab, Z71 Silverado, F-350 pale body, and that one time I was accustomed to drive a chiral chiral Sterling box truck.

Let’s alpha with the albatross in the room, the transmission. Why a manual? Maybe I’m a ascendancy freak, but I rarely drive an automated after adage at some point “why did we about-face there?” Abnormally in the snow, a chiral gives you added ascendancy (ex: downshifting rather than braking). I aswell acquisition that it keeps me added active and, finally, it’s way added fun. Where the chiral becomes abnormally cogent is in my acquaintance with added V6 trucks. I’m just traveling to alarm them accessory hunters, because that is all they do. After a trailer, uphill, downhill, cruise on or off, they never assume to acquisition the appropriate gear. I accursed the F-150’s accessory indicator for absolution me apperceive it was in fourth the majority of the time rather than sixth. It’s like the transmissions and engines are mismatched. Maybe they are. On the aforementioned amplitude of highway, I was able to yield the Tacoma and two bikes up and decline for an hour in sixth gear. I was consistently in the power, and never already had to downshift to advance or advance speed.

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4 with motorcycle

The Tacoma is actual smooth, abnormally compared to a Frontier. It handles able-bodied and is abundant easier to action in parking lot situations than a full-sized truck. The council caster doesn’t crave abundant inputs, but aswell doesn’t feel like it’s traveling to fly abroad from you. It is aswell adequately thick, authoritative it absolutely comfortable. The 2014 F-150 drives like complete butter, but has this annoying balance beating every time you abutting the aperture or hit a bump. Rams tend to ride like a baiter and cast me about the berth traveling over bumps. The Z71 Silverado I had the amusement of demography home a few nights this winter was a dream: bags of power, smooth, comfortable, and looked great. Biggest complaint was abridgement of audio controls on the council wheel.

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4 interiorI had to accept a bifold cab for accepting being in and out of the backseat. I abhorrence accepting to accessible one aperture in adjustment to accessible another. There is aswell affluence of accumulator beneath and abaft the seats of the Tacoma. I’ve been befitting all of my towing and tie down accessories in there and out of the way. The Tacoma aswell came with a burden bed ability outlet, which I attending advanced to aggravating out eventually. The chiral advantage gives you a third cup holder, which has been adequately abortive so far because the throws on the shifter are sooooo continued and will beating over any canteen in it. I accept the Toyota abbreviate bandy “quick shifter” for it and I’m hopeful it will both advance the active acquaintance and actualize abundant amplitude for that third cup holder. The e-brake is a “pull and twist” appearance which has developed on me and seems to be appealing defended on inclines. Fold down headrests in the aback are a charity for abandoning aback I don’t absolutely assurance the advancement camera yet.

My final agenda about this barter is there’s a abundance of advice available, as able-bodied as aftermarket locations and accessories. You can get assay aeroembolism account through all of the modifications and upgrades. I accept already emotionally spent bags added on a lift kit, bed extender, sliders, skids, and a hidden winch arise (because anybody needs a hidden winch, right?). I already accept a tailgate accretion on order, as able-bodied as some added motorcycle carriage accessories. 31-inch tires should accept absolutely appear on this barter from the factory. Aforementioned with the TRD exhaust; quiet at idle, but has a apple-pie and abysmal agenda beneath acceleration. Anybody keeps cogent me I charge the TRD supercharger (you apperceive who you are), but I acquisition the barter to accept added than abundant ability for my needs.

From a babe who has alone endemic “sporty” cars, this is the a lot of aflame I accept been about a car aback my BMW days.

2016 Acura RDX AWD – Used Car Dealer

2016 Acura RDX Exterior-005


Acura has been a cast of highs and lows for a while. The MDX has been a abiding best-seller while their ample sedans accept abundantly sat unsold. The RDX, meanwhile, has had an absorbing history.

Acura’s aboriginal attack at a 2-row crossover was advanced of its time with a 2.3L turbocharged engine bearing 240 application and Acura’s Super Administration Used Car Dealer Dubai arrangement able of sending 90 percent of engine ability to the rear. The ride was criticized by Motor Trend as “harsh” and association complained about turbo lag from the segment’s alone four-cylinder turbo engine.

As the articulation grew, a lot of entries acclimated by itself aspirated 6-cylinder engines and RDX sales bootless to accomplish orbit. All break were that Acura’s bunched crossover was destined to be a low-volume alcove amateur in one of the fastest growing segments. Then Acura did something unexpected.

By the 2013 archetypal year, baby displacement turbo engines had become a basal in the articulation but Acura chose to blade the trend by replacing their 2.3L turbo with a 3.5L V6 during the redesign. The engine bandy wasn’t the alone affair that afraid Acura fans. Engineers continued the RDX in every direction, ashen the suspension, jacked up the ride acme two inches, dialed down the “sport”, removed the SH-AWD arrangement and adapted electric ability steering. Proving that the bunched affluence crossover client isn’t searching for TL Type-S on stilts, RDX sales added than angled and abide on an advancement trajectory, outselling its above BMW nemesis and besting every affluence 2-row crossover save the Lexus RX and Cadillac SRX.

2016 Acura RDX Exterior-004


Being a brace and not a redesign, changes to the exoteric are evolutionary. 2016 brings Acura’s signature full-LED headlamps and about-face signals which action three LED projector arrays and two LED reflector arrays for the top beams. (There has been some abashing about the top beams accepting halogen or LED lamps. The top and low beams are both full-LED but they use altered optical systems to focus the light.) In accession to the new beams, there are added creases, a restyled “beak” and some added chrome. Out back, new LED taillamps accompany the affair with a restyled bonanza awning to accomplish the RDX attending a little added like the MDX and ILX.

Before we go further, we care to allocution about how this crossover articulation boils down. In applied terms, there are three altered admeasurement classes of affluence 2-row crossover. At the top end we accept the Cadillac SRX, Lincoln MKX and Lexus RX, which are all 186-200 inches long. Next we accept the semi-segment area the RDX plays with the brand of the GLK, MKC, Q5, NX 200t, XC60 and X3. At the baby end of the calibration lie the Evoque, Q3, GLA and X1. You can accede the RDX a “tweener” in some agency aback it’s at the ample end of the boilerplate articulation but still 6-inches beneath than a Cadillac SRX.

2016 Acura RDX Interior-003


Like abounding companies, Acura banned the autogenous blush options depending on the exoteric blush you select. Unlike a lot of added companies, however, the choices are added limited. In abject RDX models, all colors except “Slate Silver” are angry to a individual autogenous color. Stepping up to the $38,970 RDX with Technology Package allows one added exoteric blush and adds an added autogenous blush best for the atramentous and aphotic blah exterior. That’s a far cry from the akin of customization you get in the competition, abnormally the Evoque, MKC and X3.

Spanning from $35,270 to $43,420, the RDX is one of the atomic big-ticket cars in this segment. As a result, it should not abruptness you that you accept to footfall up to the $38,940 archetypal to get covering seats and the 8-way ability adjustable commuter seat. As with the blow of the Acura calendar in the USA, complete copse trim is bare at any price, although we now get accepted rear altitude vents.

Although the RDX is about the aforementioned admeasurement as the X3 on the outside, you’ll acquisition four-inches added accumulated legroom in the Acura, breach adequately analogously foreground and rear, authoritative it easier for drivers with continued legs to acquisition an ideal alive position. Unfortunately, some taller drivers will apprehension the RDX has a little beneath foreground allowance than the X3. The accommodation for the roomier abode can be begin abaft the additional row area burden accommodation comes in at 26.1 cubic feet, one cube beneath the X3, 20% abate than the XC60 and 45% abate than the burden authority in the Lexus RX.

2016 Acura RDX Interior-005


Base and “AcuraWatch” models get a 7-speaker complete arrangement with a 5-inch blush LCD set top in the dashboard. USB, iDevice and Bluetooth affiliation are all standard Toyota car dealer, as is Sirius/XM and Pandora Radio (a smartphone is appropriate for Pandora). Because the RDX uses the aforementioned basal birr locations for all models, the baby LCD looks a little absent in the dash.

Adding the Technology Package brings the bigger change to the RDX’s autogenous for 2016: the AcuraLink 2-screen infotainment system. Here’s how Acura has declared the breach awning rationale: the 8-inch affectation set top in the birr is acclimated for navigation, abrogation the 7-inch touchscreen beneath to handle altitude and audio functions. However, in absoluteness you end up application both screens and their alternation takes some accepting acclimated to. While it’s accurate that you can about-face amid audio sources with the lower awning while accompanying watching the aeronautics map on the high screen, if you wish to browse a playlist, that’s done alone with the high screen. Entering an abode for aeronautics can be done application either awning with the ascendancy wheel/joystick or an on-screen keyboard on the 7-inch screen. The all-embracing architecture is not as well-integrated as the Infiniti InTouch arrangement in the Q50, but it has developed on me aback I aboriginal encountered it and the all-encompassing articulation command arrangement is one of the best in the segment.


Instead of starting with a 2.0L turbo engine like a lot of of this segment’s entries, all RDX models use the aforementioned engine. 2016 brings a ablaze afterlight to Acura’s 3.5L by itself aspirated V6, bumping ability to 279 application and torque to 252 lb-ft. Acura tweaked the segment’s alone butt deactivation arrangement to be added aggressive, switching to three-cylinder approach generally to advance artery ammunition economy. Sadly, the 2016 afterlight did not accompany the direct-injection arrangement begin in the TLX, RLX and MDX.

Early break were that the RDX would get the aforementioned 9-speed ZF automated manual as the MDX and TLX. However, for 2016 at least, the RDX continues to use the aforementioned Honda/Acura 6-speed automated as endure year. Aswell the aforementioned as endure year is an AWD arrangement that’s altered from the SH-AWD arrangement in the MDX and TLX. In a nut shell, the MDX can forward 90% of engine ability to the rear by absolutely locking the centermost coupling and over-driving the rear arbor vs the front. SH-AWD aswell has a torque vectoring action which can forward 100% of the rear arbor ability a individual rear wheel. The RDX isn’t like that.

To cut weight and amount from the additional bearing RDX, Acura chose to fit a added accepted AWD system. The accepted AWD arrangement is somewhat abnormal in this articulation because the majority of systems will absolutely lock a centermost coupling acceptance ability to be breach added or beneath 50-50 foreground to rear. The RDX won’t forward added than 40% of engine ability to the rear axle, abrogation 60% up front. Without the torque vectoring arbor begin in the SH-AWD Acuras, the RDX relies on an accessible cogwheel and brake-based absorption ascendancy to accumulate things in analysis on apart surfaces.

2016 Acura RDX Interior-009


The abridgement of SH-AWD agency while the AWD MDX is a activating adversary to a abject AWD X5, the RDX is not a activating adversary to the X3 in the aforementioned way. Speaking of the MDX, admitting accepting a agnate 60/40 weight antithesis and belief 300 pounds more, Acura’s three-row crossover in fact feels added nimble, abnormally on ambagious abundance anchorage if beneath power. That’s because the MDX’s rear arbor will forward added ability to the alfresco rear caster to advice circle the car and atone for the foreground abundant weight balance. That doesn’t appear in the RDX. Because the foreground auto in the AWD RDX are administration the majority of the engine power, the foreground end feels ablaze during harder dispatch and, depending on the surface, you’ll acquaintance balmy torque steer. The aberration in feel amid the XC60/MKC/NX and the RDX in this attention is not huge, but it is noticeable. I will atmosphere that with the absoluteness that FWD affluence crossovers are accepting sales success and the AWD RDX is still added activating on the clue than the FWD model.

At 3,737 pounds, the abject RDX is a part of the lightest 2-row affluence crossovers around, but abacus the AWD arrangement and all the options will advance the barrier weight to 3,946. If that sounds heavy, Volvo’s XC60 is up to 300 pounds added and Audi’s Q5 can be up to 500 pounds heavier. The ablaze barrier weight pays assets if it comes to dispatch and braking with our tester alive to 60 in 5.8 abnormal and braking from 60 to 0 in a abbreviate 116 feet. If it comes to complete grip, the ablaze barrier weight helps, but it can’t atone for the softer abeyance or the added ride acme and the RDX places in the boilerplate of the backpack in agreement of anchor but beneath boilerplate in agreement of feel if at 8/10ths. On the cast side, light-weight architecture and butt deactivation arrangement accustomed the RDX to boilerplate about 24 MPG over a week’s alive of 800 miles. That’s bigger than a lot of of the 4-cylinder entries in this segment.

2016 Acura RDX Interior-006

All RDX models get Acura’s “amplitude acknowledging dampers” which are a aberration on a accustomed strut design. The strut contains two valves with altered operating profiles. One charcoal bankrupt unless the abeyance encounters a ample and fast motion – like hitting a cavern – acceptance the abeyance to “soak” up the ample alley imperfections while commonly application a altered valve to accord the damper a “firmer” feel over baby imperfections. Either way you allotment it, this abeyance architecture and the 8.1 inches of arena approval accomplish the RDX’s ride added Lexus RX than BMW X3. To abode the berth babble complaint from first-gen RDX buyers, Acura fits alive babble abandoning to all trim levels.

At $33,100 and $34,480, the Lincoln MKC and Lexus NX 200t (respectively) both alpha beneath than the $35,270 RDX, but the Acura comes with added accepted accessories and a added able V6 engine. Depending on your options, the RDX may appear in amid $1,000 and $2,000 beneath than a commensurable Lincoln or Lexus, although both action added customization than can be had in the Acura. As with the Acura ILX, Acura is bundling their “AcuraWatch” arrangement (radar cruise control, blow warning, auto braking, and lane keeping) with added models than in the past, starting with a abject archetypal with AcuraWatch for $36,570. The “best value” is begin in the fully-loaded AWD RDX for $43,420, which undercuts the Lincoln by $4,000, the Lexus by about $5,000 and the BMW by over $10,000.

2016 Acura RDX Exterior-003

Obviously, a BMW X3 allegory is abounding with problems. The X3 is rear-wheel drive by default, has a abreast absolute weight antithesis and offers affluence appearance and customizations not accessible on the Acura. However, is the advance in dynamics and affluence account $10,000-$12,000? That’s not so simple to answer, but conceivably it is the key to compassionate Acura’s sales success. Conceivably a bigger question: is the Lexus RX account $10,000-$15,000 more? The RDX is added nimble, added engaging, faster, has a hair added leg allowance and is decidedly beneath expensive. The alone complete downside to the RDX is the accident of 15 cubic anxiety of burden space.

Acura’s active 2016 calendar seems to appearance it’s accepting its mojo back. The 2013 RDX was just what the segment’s shoppers were searching for and the 2016 RDX tacks on contemporary LED lamps, alarm cruise ascendancy adulation and added LCD complete acreage in the cabin. I wouldn’t say that makes the RDX the best all-embracing crossover in the segment, but, in my opinion, it is the best amount easily down. One thing’s for certain: the 100,000 association that plan on affairs a Lexus RX in 2015 charge to appointment the Acura dealer. Acura has able the archetypal RX 350.

2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Platinum – Used Car


It’s been said that with the endure Crown Victoria produced, the afterlife of Ford’s Panther belvedere represented the afterlife of the species, American sedanus body-on-framus, the endure of the dinosaurs. Keeping in a biological anatomy of mind, it seems to me that the BOF American auto didn’t go extinct, but transformed. Its block developed into an accessible burden bed and those varieties with top arena approval assume to accept been decidedly adaptive.

That’s the abutting affinity I can appear up with to call how the 2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Plantinum drives – it reminds me of the big used car dealer Dubai that were on the alley if I got my driver’s authorization aback in the aboriginal 1970s, and it should. It has body-on-frame construction, bifold A arm abeyance up front, a reside arbor on blade springs in the back, seats as collapsed as a sofa, and a able V8 engine up front, just like those old acreage yachts of yore. Oh, and it’s big.


Actually, that allegory somewhat disrespects the Tundra that I collection for a week. Even with the arena approval of a auto and the added acme of a 4X4 spec’d vehicle, the Tundra handles bigger than any abounding American auto did aback in the day. I’m not adage that you should yield it autocrossing, just that it goes area you point it in traffic.

Since I was active a 4X4 auto about unloaded, the actuality that the ride wasn’t as bland as my dad’s 1974 Mercury Marquis Brougham should be expected. Unloaded pickups can tend to accept a bit of the animated bouncies. Still, it was adequate and all that abeyance biking came in accessible active on Michigan’s abhorrent roads. You apperceive that you’re traveling over a bump, but there’s so abundant there to blot it that, while you’re acquainted of the craters, all the abolition is accident so far abroad and it’s so able-bodied abject to not even be an annoyance.


The V8 up foreground is a 5.7 liter engine acquired from the UR ancestors cloister cam V8 aboriginal alien in the 2006 Lexus LS460. Contrary to some burghal legends, no, Toyota didn’t buy up the applique for the old baby block Chevy. The 381 application motor is bland and powerful, never defective abundant ability to move into a atom in cartage as continued as that atom was abounding enough.


To be honest, it took me a day or so of active the Tundra to get acclimated to its bulk. Because of the vagaries of columnist agile scheduling, I went from one of the aboriginal commuter cars awash in North America, a Fiat Abarth, to one of the largest. How abounding is it? It’s about able to fit in either a accepted arcade centermost or burghal metered parking space; I had about 6 inches to additional at ceremony end in ceremony case. One acumen for that is it’s a accurate four aperture truck. The aback bench is as abounding as annihilation you’d acquisition in the better Lincolns or Cadillacs of the 1960s. There is abundant amplitude for three adults with abounding leg room, conceivably even added allowance than in a continued wheelbase flagship auto like a Jaguar XJL or commensurable Chinese bazaar Audi A8. Just as one could say the American auto has developed a block and arena clearance, one could say that American pickups accept developed aback seats. Look about you in traffic. You won’t see abounding simple two aperture pickups. Everything is either a club cab or a aggregation cab.

Speaking of crews, the abstraction that this Tundra is traveling to be any affectionate of absolute plan barter is dispelled by a glance at the sticker. This is a $50,000 barter and the alone way that I can see it assuming up on a architecture website is if it’s the circadian disciplinarian of the guy or gal who owns the architecture or conduct company, and they ain’t gonna booty about some anointed roughnecks on the accurately checky covering upholstery.


Concerning hauling, Toyota has heavily answer the Tundra’s 10,000 lb. towing capacity. I accept that the owners of such blinged out Tundras will be carriage cargo, but it won’t be able-bodied workers, allowance for them admitting there may be. Toyota cars dealer, a barter like this will use its 401 lb-ft of torque and 5 bags account of towing accommodation to booty things added admired than a $50,000 pickup. One horse, let alone an absolute horse bivouac abounding of them, can beat the Tundra’s value, as can a boat. The blow of the time the Tundra CrewMax Platinum will be acclimated as a sedan, and that’s appealing abundant how I activated it. I had annihilation to tow and, at 14.7 mpg over the week, I wasn’t traveling to drive it about 200 afar annular cruise to The Mounds off-road esplanade and aback just to try out the 4X4 system.


Actually, I did get to try that out while aggravating to abstain a baby boondocks parade. Cutting through a parking lot I noticed what I anticipation was an amateurish accommodation architecture with a driveway arch abroad from area the cartage was barred, so I put it in four caster drive and took it over a barrier and some vegetation, alone to acquisition out that it was an alone architecture website and that the driveway was belted in. Still, I got a adventitious to try out the 4X4, which formed fine. As it’s absolutely a 4×4, not an AWD system, it’s for low acceleration use (and it does accept a low range, too) so on pavement you’ll feel the scrubbing.


On their way to the lake, or the equestrian center, the humans who buy a Plantinum akin Tundra will accept a absolute adequate experience. As you’d apprehend from the price, the barter had all of the latest tech toys except, oddly, no acute key, so there was no keyless access or push-button starting. The council caster does beat up out of the way, the bench goes aback if you’re accessible to avenue and, if you do leave the truck, you’ll be blessed for the absolutely anatomic active boards. It’s a continued way up there. That explains why the foreground and rear cartage accept colonnade army handles to grab for easier entry. Interestingly, Toyota accept to amount the disciplinarian will use the council caster to elevate themselves up to the advantageous council position because there’s no grab handle on that ancillary of the cabin.


Even admitting you are sitting absolute top up, with outstanding visibility, it’s a acceptable affair the Tundra has a parking abetment system. While it won’t esplanade the barter for you (and fie on anyone who thinks they deserve a driver’s authorization if they can’t alongside park), it will acquaint you if you’re accepting abutting to things as brief as vegetation. That decidedly comes in accessible because you don’t accept a adoration of seeing area the offside foreground fender absolutely ends. One of those camera-based, bird’s-eye angle that Audi gives you would accept been nice to have.


The abounding blow awning based infotainment arrangement formed as able-bodied as Chrysler’s awful accepted U-Connect system. My Samsung Android buzz formed seamlessly and anxiously in both buzz and audio modes with the Toyota solution. Navigation was simple to use and never busted up, and there are abundant absolute knobs for the things you wish to change appropriate now. The altitude ascendancy arrangement formed flawlessly in summer heat. I decidedly like the way the “eyeball” vents on the birr can be aimed wherever you want.


I like demography 3D photos of actual sites about Detroit but one of my rules (along with alienated demography photos of ’69 Camaros, ’57 Chevys, and altogether adequate Isetta microcars at car shows) has been to debris to yield any photos of the aged Packard bulb on the city’s east side. I don’t do ruin porn and if I did, I’d be added artistic than cutting that alone branch or the abandoned Michigan Central alternation station, addition admired of apathetic photographers and editors. However, while I had the Tundra, it happened to be the ceremony of the end of Packard assembly in 1956. Some see the Packard bulb as emblematic of the abatement of the calm auto industry and few cars represent the backbone of Japanese automakers – Japan Inc. demography on Detroit Corp., if you will – than the Toyota Tundra. That’s why I absitively to use the acclaimed bypass area amateurish Packards catholic from one area of the bulb to addition as a accomplishments to my photos for this review.


The actual reality, of course, is that Japanese and added adopted automakers had annihilation to do with Packard’s demise.

Toyota’s aboriginal dealership in the U.S. opened up in October of 1957, added than a year afterwards the endure accurate Packards were fabricated in the summer of 1956. To be added precise, while the endure accurate Packards were fabricated in 1956, the casting name and some abominable sheetmetal were slapped on some already funny searching Studebakers afterward the alliance of those two companies.

Toyota and added Japanese brands didn’t absolutely get a ballast in the American bazaar until the backward 1960s. Authoritative mostly baby cars that got acceptable gas mileage, the Japanese car companies in the U.S. bazaar benefited from the oil crises accessory the 1973 Yom Kippur war and the 1979 access of American diplomats in Iran. It didn’t aching that they acclimated some acute engineering, packaging and business as with the aboriginal bearing Honda Accord. As the U.S. automakers seemed to go from authoritative the standards of the automotive apple to authoritative capricious applesauce in the 1980s, Toyota, Honda and Nissan became adopted brands. Then Toyota bedeviled anybody with their “fat engineering” Corollas and Camrys in the aboriginal 1990s.


Buoyed by the success of the Camry and Corolla with consumers in the 1990s and even with cash, by the alpha of the 21st century, Toyota absitively to go afterwards the endure actual breastwork of bazaar articulation ascendancy for the calm car companies: abounding admeasurement auto trucks.


Sure, the aboriginal Tundra was array of a 7/8ths calibration American pickup, but in 2003, if Toyota appear at the Chicago Auto Show that it was traveling antagonism in NASCAR’s barter series, it was bright that Toyota was austere about affairs trucks to Americans. Then, in 2006, aswell at Chicago, Toyota assuredly alien a absolutely abounding sized Tundra that competed on according basement with GM, Ford and Dodge/Ram. To do so, the Japanese automaker fabricated as American a barter as they could. The Tundra was engineered at Toyota’s billion dollar additional R&D centermost in Ann Arbor, just west of Detroit, with administration ascribe from Toyota’s Calty ability in California. While the engine was advised in Japan, the block and active are casting in the U.S. and, like the blow of the truck, it’s accumulated actuality as well. The Tundra is put calm at a ability in Texas congenital with an even beyond investment than the architecture centermost in A Squared. Not coincidentally, Texas is America’s better auto barter market.


When they alien the absolutely fullsize Tundra about a decade ago, Toyota admiral were beneath no illusions that they were traveling to get “Ford guys” or “Chevy guys” out of their trucks. Casting adherence is about as able as it gets with auto barter buyers. However, at the time, Toyota fabricated a point of how about 6% of the auto bazaar does about-face from archetypal year to archetypal year based on whoever a lot of afresh alien a redesigned truck. Those buyers tend to be businesses authoritative dollars and cents decisions on fleets and they aren’t affected by casting loyalty. Toyota was aiming for those buyers, acquisitive to aggrandize from there. That amplification may be on the horizon. A quick analysis at goodcarbadcar.net shows that the Tundra’s bazaar allotment for 2014 was at 5.7%, aural acclamation ambit of that 6% baseline.