2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Platinum – Used Car


It’s been said that with the endure Crown Victoria produced, the afterlife of Ford’s Panther belvedere represented the afterlife of the species, American sedanus body-on-framus, the endure of the dinosaurs. Keeping in a biological anatomy of mind, it seems to me that the BOF American auto didn’t go extinct, but transformed. Its block developed into an accessible burden bed and those varieties with top arena approval assume to accept been decidedly adaptive.

That’s the abutting affinity I can appear up with to call how the 2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Plantinum drives – it reminds me of the big used car dealer Dubai that were on the alley if I got my driver’s authorization aback in the aboriginal 1970s, and it should. It has body-on-frame construction, bifold A arm abeyance up front, a reside arbor on blade springs in the back, seats as collapsed as a sofa, and a able V8 engine up front, just like those old acreage yachts of yore. Oh, and it’s big.


Actually, that allegory somewhat disrespects the Tundra that I collection for a week. Even with the arena approval of a auto and the added acme of a 4X4 spec’d vehicle, the Tundra handles bigger than any abounding American auto did aback in the day. I’m not adage that you should yield it autocrossing, just that it goes area you point it in traffic.

Since I was active a 4X4 auto about unloaded, the actuality that the ride wasn’t as bland as my dad’s 1974 Mercury Marquis Brougham should be expected. Unloaded pickups can tend to accept a bit of the animated bouncies. Still, it was adequate and all that abeyance biking came in accessible active on Michigan’s abhorrent roads. You apperceive that you’re traveling over a bump, but there’s so abundant there to blot it that, while you’re acquainted of the craters, all the abolition is accident so far abroad and it’s so able-bodied abject to not even be an annoyance.


The V8 up foreground is a 5.7 liter engine acquired from the UR ancestors cloister cam V8 aboriginal alien in the 2006 Lexus LS460. Contrary to some burghal legends, no, Toyota didn’t buy up the applique for the old baby block Chevy. The 381 application motor is bland and powerful, never defective abundant ability to move into a atom in cartage as continued as that atom was abounding enough.


To be honest, it took me a day or so of active the Tundra to get acclimated to its bulk. Because of the vagaries of columnist agile scheduling, I went from one of the aboriginal commuter cars awash in North America, a Fiat Abarth, to one of the largest. How abounding is it? It’s about able to fit in either a accepted arcade centermost or burghal metered parking space; I had about 6 inches to additional at ceremony end in ceremony case. One acumen for that is it’s a accurate four aperture truck. The aback bench is as abounding as annihilation you’d acquisition in the better Lincolns or Cadillacs of the 1960s. There is abundant amplitude for three adults with abounding leg room, conceivably even added allowance than in a continued wheelbase flagship auto like a Jaguar XJL or commensurable Chinese bazaar Audi A8. Just as one could say the American auto has developed a block and arena clearance, one could say that American pickups accept developed aback seats. Look about you in traffic. You won’t see abounding simple two aperture pickups. Everything is either a club cab or a aggregation cab.

Speaking of crews, the abstraction that this Tundra is traveling to be any affectionate of absolute plan barter is dispelled by a glance at the sticker. This is a $50,000 barter and the alone way that I can see it assuming up on a architecture website is if it’s the circadian disciplinarian of the guy or gal who owns the architecture or conduct company, and they ain’t gonna booty about some anointed roughnecks on the accurately checky covering upholstery.


Concerning hauling, Toyota has heavily answer the Tundra’s 10,000 lb. towing capacity. I accept that the owners of such blinged out Tundras will be carriage cargo, but it won’t be able-bodied workers, allowance for them admitting there may be. Toyota cars dealer, a barter like this will use its 401 lb-ft of torque and 5 bags account of towing accommodation to booty things added admired than a $50,000 pickup. One horse, let alone an absolute horse bivouac abounding of them, can beat the Tundra’s value, as can a boat. The blow of the time the Tundra CrewMax Platinum will be acclimated as a sedan, and that’s appealing abundant how I activated it. I had annihilation to tow and, at 14.7 mpg over the week, I wasn’t traveling to drive it about 200 afar annular cruise to The Mounds off-road esplanade and aback just to try out the 4X4 system.


Actually, I did get to try that out while aggravating to abstain a baby boondocks parade. Cutting through a parking lot I noticed what I anticipation was an amateurish accommodation architecture with a driveway arch abroad from area the cartage was barred, so I put it in four caster drive and took it over a barrier and some vegetation, alone to acquisition out that it was an alone architecture website and that the driveway was belted in. Still, I got a adventitious to try out the 4X4, which formed fine. As it’s absolutely a 4×4, not an AWD system, it’s for low acceleration use (and it does accept a low range, too) so on pavement you’ll feel the scrubbing.


On their way to the lake, or the equestrian center, the humans who buy a Plantinum akin Tundra will accept a absolute adequate experience. As you’d apprehend from the price, the barter had all of the latest tech toys except, oddly, no acute key, so there was no keyless access or push-button starting. The council caster does beat up out of the way, the bench goes aback if you’re accessible to avenue and, if you do leave the truck, you’ll be blessed for the absolutely anatomic active boards. It’s a continued way up there. That explains why the foreground and rear cartage accept colonnade army handles to grab for easier entry. Interestingly, Toyota accept to amount the disciplinarian will use the council caster to elevate themselves up to the advantageous council position because there’s no grab handle on that ancillary of the cabin.


Even admitting you are sitting absolute top up, with outstanding visibility, it’s a acceptable affair the Tundra has a parking abetment system. While it won’t esplanade the barter for you (and fie on anyone who thinks they deserve a driver’s authorization if they can’t alongside park), it will acquaint you if you’re accepting abutting to things as brief as vegetation. That decidedly comes in accessible because you don’t accept a adoration of seeing area the offside foreground fender absolutely ends. One of those camera-based, bird’s-eye angle that Audi gives you would accept been nice to have.


The abounding blow awning based infotainment arrangement formed as able-bodied as Chrysler’s awful accepted U-Connect system. My Samsung Android buzz formed seamlessly and anxiously in both buzz and audio modes with the Toyota solution. Navigation was simple to use and never busted up, and there are abundant absolute knobs for the things you wish to change appropriate now. The altitude ascendancy arrangement formed flawlessly in summer heat. I decidedly like the way the “eyeball” vents on the birr can be aimed wherever you want.


I like demography 3D photos of actual sites about Detroit but one of my rules (along with alienated demography photos of ’69 Camaros, ’57 Chevys, and altogether adequate Isetta microcars at car shows) has been to debris to yield any photos of the aged Packard bulb on the city’s east side. I don’t do ruin porn and if I did, I’d be added artistic than cutting that alone branch or the abandoned Michigan Central alternation station, addition admired of apathetic photographers and editors. However, while I had the Tundra, it happened to be the ceremony of the end of Packard assembly in 1956. Some see the Packard bulb as emblematic of the abatement of the calm auto industry and few cars represent the backbone of Japanese automakers – Japan Inc. demography on Detroit Corp., if you will – than the Toyota Tundra. That’s why I absitively to use the acclaimed bypass area amateurish Packards catholic from one area of the bulb to addition as a accomplishments to my photos for this review.


The actual reality, of course, is that Japanese and added adopted automakers had annihilation to do with Packard’s demise.

Toyota’s aboriginal dealership in the U.S. opened up in October of 1957, added than a year afterwards the endure accurate Packards were fabricated in the summer of 1956. To be added precise, while the endure accurate Packards were fabricated in 1956, the casting name and some abominable sheetmetal were slapped on some already funny searching Studebakers afterward the alliance of those two companies.

Toyota and added Japanese brands didn’t absolutely get a ballast in the American bazaar until the backward 1960s. Authoritative mostly baby cars that got acceptable gas mileage, the Japanese car companies in the U.S. bazaar benefited from the oil crises accessory the 1973 Yom Kippur war and the 1979 access of American diplomats in Iran. It didn’t aching that they acclimated some acute engineering, packaging and business as with the aboriginal bearing Honda Accord. As the U.S. automakers seemed to go from authoritative the standards of the automotive apple to authoritative capricious applesauce in the 1980s, Toyota, Honda and Nissan became adopted brands. Then Toyota bedeviled anybody with their “fat engineering” Corollas and Camrys in the aboriginal 1990s.


Buoyed by the success of the Camry and Corolla with consumers in the 1990s and even with cash, by the alpha of the 21st century, Toyota absitively to go afterwards the endure actual breastwork of bazaar articulation ascendancy for the calm car companies: abounding admeasurement auto trucks.


Sure, the aboriginal Tundra was array of a 7/8ths calibration American pickup, but in 2003, if Toyota appear at the Chicago Auto Show that it was traveling antagonism in NASCAR’s barter series, it was bright that Toyota was austere about affairs trucks to Americans. Then, in 2006, aswell at Chicago, Toyota assuredly alien a absolutely abounding sized Tundra that competed on according basement with GM, Ford and Dodge/Ram. To do so, the Japanese automaker fabricated as American a barter as they could. The Tundra was engineered at Toyota’s billion dollar additional R&D centermost in Ann Arbor, just west of Detroit, with administration ascribe from Toyota’s Calty ability in California. While the engine was advised in Japan, the block and active are casting in the U.S. and, like the blow of the truck, it’s accumulated actuality as well. The Tundra is put calm at a ability in Texas congenital with an even beyond investment than the architecture centermost in A Squared. Not coincidentally, Texas is America’s better auto barter market.


When they alien the absolutely fullsize Tundra about a decade ago, Toyota admiral were beneath no illusions that they were traveling to get “Ford guys” or “Chevy guys” out of their trucks. Casting adherence is about as able as it gets with auto barter buyers. However, at the time, Toyota fabricated a point of how about 6% of the auto bazaar does about-face from archetypal year to archetypal year based on whoever a lot of afresh alien a redesigned truck. Those buyers tend to be businesses authoritative dollars and cents decisions on fleets and they aren’t affected by casting loyalty. Toyota was aiming for those buyers, acquisitive to aggrandize from there. That amplification may be on the horizon. A quick analysis at goodcarbadcar.net shows that the Tundra’s bazaar allotment for 2014 was at 5.7%, aural acclamation ambit of that 6% baseline.


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