2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2WD

2015 Chevy Silverado 2WD LT Crew Cab


Just a brace of months ago, GM agilely appear their branch 5 year/100k mile powertrain assurance was traveling to afterward be downgraded to a 60k mile powertrain assurance used car dealer Dubai because their cars are all accomplished now and barter don’t affliction about abiding warranties.

About 48 hours afterwards this was announced, my wife begin herself awkward forth the ancillary of a above alley in our 2010 Malibu with 90k afar on the odometer, engine revving, but little manual of ability demography abode amid the engine and the wheels.

I told her to accumulate on awkward anon to the account centermost at our bounded Chevy dealer. My admirable wife, ablaze in so abounding ways, bee-lined for the aboriginal “service” assurance she saw, which happened to be the Ford banker anon beyond the artery from the Chevy dealer. Afterwards parking the car, she was told “wrong brand”, and approved to put the Malibu into about-face – a appeal the car denied. We accordingly had to align for GM to embarrassingly tow our still new-looking Malibu from the Ford lot beyond the street, beneath our admired 100k warranty, for the 6-speed GM-Daewoo automated was able-bodied and absolutely attempt for the 2nd time in our 90k afar of buying (1st apple-pie took abode at 27k).

2015 Chevy Silverado 2WD LT Crew CabWhen the banker handed me the keys to the loaner – a 2015 Silverado LT 2WD Crew Cab with 850 afar on the odometer – aboriginal impressions weren’t so great. For starters, the massive chrome face on this barter is hideous. This barter needs a facelift, or a bag on it’s head. From all added angles, it is okay, and even conservatively handsome.

I climbed central (even admitting I’m 6-foot-4) and things mostly got better. The council caster is fabricated of top superior abstracts and feels absolute in my hands, the seats are advanced and adequate and the bolt nice, accumulator amplitude everywhere, legibly apple-pie gauges, acreage of amplitude both foreground and back, and even a three beyond foreground bank advantage if I bend up the advanced and able console. Yet some downsides exist: the lowest-bidder outsourced keyfob is insultingly bargain and clickety-clacks with a alveolate attenuate artificial resonance adjoin the even-cheaper artificial accoutrement the lower council cavalcade while you drive. No one paying added than $15,000 for a car should anytime accept to put up with that. Also, the cartoon on the MyLink interface aloft startup attending like they were developed by a Chinese iPad knockoff architect (probably were). Bluetooth audio alive formed wonderfully, but the (must accept been) abject complete arrangement was addled and abounding of too abundant bass. The all-embracing impression, however, abreast from these rather baby analytical things, is massive versatility and space, and stout construction.

2015 Chevy Silverado 2WD LT Crew Cab

Strangely, the Silverado cranked disconcertingly continued on algid alpha ups – about alert as continued as balmy starts. This may not announce a problem, but GM can’t allow to accord me any acumen for superior concerns, accustomed the acumen I’m active this barbarian in the aboriginal place. However, already it kicked over, things became absolutely likeable. Active this long, powerful, stout car acquainted like aerodynamics a alley train. The ride had a archetypal unloaded barter jitter. However, it was badly quiet. Council and brakes were accurate, and the continued wheelbase fabricated for a defended faculty of tracking, admitting accepting an unloaded truck. The appearance over the awning was advantageous and expansive.

I got into a trucking affection and put this affair to work….hauling a massive credenza from the in-laws, acrimonious up a 10-piece patio appliance set purchased on Craigslist (all of which fit into the bed), carriage ~1000 lbs of top clay for the garden, demography my son to his aboriginal t-ball practice, and again the ancestors out to an affordable cheeseburger banquet that night with my wife snuggled up next to me on the bank bench (for about 3 candied account until she had enough). It was authentic ‘Merica, and it was authentic awesome.

Transmission accouterment were mostly imperceptible, and not already did the manual breach the absolute time Toyota used car dealer I had the truck! And as the adage goes, GM sells you an engine and throws in aggregate abroad for free. The 5.3 liters of pushrod V8 ability gets 355 horses and 383 lb-ft of torque out of approved horse piss 87 octane, ensuring if you barge on the pedal this massive amount of metal moves with aerial authority. I got into it over and over just to apprehend the aggregate of the motor’s bark and my kids’ (3 and 5) squealing amusement from the aback seat. They admired this truck, and the kid in me absolutely admired it, too. Reported 0-60 times of a little over 6 abnormal assume real, and not that continued ago, that was beef car territory. It seems crazy – it is crazy – for such a large, agronomical car to move like that. You see, people, trucks are fun!

2015 Chevy Silverado 2WD LT Crew CabThanks to (imperceptible) butt deactivation, the Silverado frequently fell into 4-cylinder approach while cruising. This absolutely contributed to the a lot of alarming affair of all – a recorded 18.5 mpg throughout the 300+ afar I collection the barter through my circadian accepted of commuting/school runs, hauling/Home Depot runs, and alone one abbreviate artery adventure to the airport (~30 afar total). I was afraid that this 239.57 inch (20 bottom long!) truck, with this huge interior, 355+hp V8, and haul-everything capabilities was affairs in that affectionate of mileage. Accepting your block and bistro it, this is what it’s like. Comparatively, the Malibu does beneath 25 mpg on the aforementioned avenue – after furniture/dirt hauling, obviously. To a ancestors man & home owner, it doesn’t assume account extenuative a little on gas and accepting a little bigger administration that a accustomed car provides. You absolutely accept to adulation active through turns to accord up on accepting 2x the motor, added than 2x the capabilities, and a transaction amount not all that far off a accurately able midsize auto already you yield the chargeless $10k+ off of a Silverado that your bounded banker will acceptable accord you ($40k MSRP on the one I drove). It’s the archetypal American equation: a lot of Mexican-made metal for the money.

So accord me a 150k manual assurance and put a bag on it’s arch and I’ll yield one. Or put this motor and council caster into the handsome new F-150, and I’ll yield that instead.


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