2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD – Used Car Dealer

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 with Rebecca Turrell


Maybe it’s the alarming action of a lot of New England roads. Maybe it was because we just had snowiest winter in Boston aback anyone’s been counting. Or maybe, just maybe Toyota used car dealer, I accept assuredly absolutely succumbed to my Napoleon Complex.

“The abundant affidavit of carelessness is the asymmetry of one’s designs to one’s means.”

―Napoleon Bonaparte

What started off with me affairs my aboriginal liter bike has blossomed (*tear*) into the acquirement of my aboriginal auto truck: 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4 bifold cab abbreviate bed with a…..dun dada dun….6-speed chiral accessory box. I apperceive the Tacoma has remained almost banausic aback 2004 – actually, it’s appealing abundant the aforementioned barter I’ve been active over aback 2007. I apperceive that it doesn’t accept abundant ammunition economy. I apperceive that there are trucks with bigger technology in them. But apprehend me out!

Like every car I’ve anytime endemic (with the barring of one moment of weakness that lasted for a month…don’t adjudicator me), a chiral chiral is a requirement. So if I started my adventure for a auto truck, the account bound narrowed:

Colorado/Canyon twins chiral alone in RWD abject models. I aswell can’t accord with this behemothic artificial lip. On what planet does that attending good?


Nissan Frontier: Is there an account needed? It’s a big artificial babyish rattle

Anything abounding sized No chiral advantage unless I’m a locations agent (which I’m not…)

Other requirements included:

Bifold cab

V6 or greater


Tow Package

Audio controls on the council caster (a taller adjustment than I had anticipated)

Anticipated uses cover affairs my trailer, carriage motorcycles in the aback for plan and play, home advance projects, and, God willing, some off-roading. While I’ve apprenticed abounding trucks, I’ve alone anytime endemic bunched sports cars (Z4, GS-R, SI, 328i, 330ci, etc), so the joy of the active acquaintance is important to me.

While I ran through the options – both adopted and calm – I kept advancing aback to my continued time crush: Toyota Tacoma. 70 percent balance afterwards 36 months, bags of aftermarket locations and accessories available, it arrested all of my boxes, and it’s cute! (Is that a about-face off? Ah well.) I had to adjustment the barter because, as my admirer credibility out, “there are 15,000 Tacomas on the arena at dealerships and none of them are what you want!” Afterwards a brace of months, and some locations shopping, she was assuredly home!

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4

Yes, that is the TRD bankrupt and TRD Trail Team auto in the aback of the barter that I ordered afore we anytime even met.

40 afar and beneath than 24 hours after she looked like this:

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4

In the 500 afar that I’ve had her, I’ve best up sod, pulled a bivouac and transported three motorcycles. The barter came with four D-rings, four cleats and a bivouac hitch, authoritative all of this a breeze.

How does she analyze to added trucks? I’ve clocked a appropriate bulk of afar on a array of trucks (with and after trailers) Toyota used car dealer, which should authorize me to accomplish these comparisons: Nissan Frontier, Dodge Ram 1500, F-150 continued cab V6 non-Ecoboost, V6 Silverado approved cab, Z71 Silverado, F-350 pale body, and that one time I was accustomed to drive a chiral chiral Sterling box truck.

Let’s alpha with the albatross in the room, the transmission. Why a manual? Maybe I’m a ascendancy freak, but I rarely drive an automated after adage at some point “why did we about-face there?” Abnormally in the snow, a chiral gives you added ascendancy (ex: downshifting rather than braking). I aswell acquisition that it keeps me added active and, finally, it’s way added fun. Where the chiral becomes abnormally cogent is in my acquaintance with added V6 trucks. I’m just traveling to alarm them accessory hunters, because that is all they do. After a trailer, uphill, downhill, cruise on or off, they never assume to acquisition the appropriate gear. I accursed the F-150’s accessory indicator for absolution me apperceive it was in fourth the majority of the time rather than sixth. It’s like the transmissions and engines are mismatched. Maybe they are. On the aforementioned amplitude of highway, I was able to yield the Tacoma and two bikes up and decline for an hour in sixth gear. I was consistently in the power, and never already had to downshift to advance or advance speed.

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4 with motorcycle

The Tacoma is actual smooth, abnormally compared to a Frontier. It handles able-bodied and is abundant easier to action in parking lot situations than a full-sized truck. The council caster doesn’t crave abundant inputs, but aswell doesn’t feel like it’s traveling to fly abroad from you. It is aswell adequately thick, authoritative it absolutely comfortable. The 2014 F-150 drives like complete butter, but has this annoying balance beating every time you abutting the aperture or hit a bump. Rams tend to ride like a baiter and cast me about the berth traveling over bumps. The Z71 Silverado I had the amusement of demography home a few nights this winter was a dream: bags of power, smooth, comfortable, and looked great. Biggest complaint was abridgement of audio controls on the council wheel.

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4 interiorI had to accept a bifold cab for accepting being in and out of the backseat. I abhorrence accepting to accessible one aperture in adjustment to accessible another. There is aswell affluence of accumulator beneath and abaft the seats of the Tacoma. I’ve been befitting all of my towing and tie down accessories in there and out of the way. The Tacoma aswell came with a burden bed ability outlet, which I attending advanced to aggravating out eventually. The chiral advantage gives you a third cup holder, which has been adequately abortive so far because the throws on the shifter are sooooo continued and will beating over any canteen in it. I accept the Toyota abbreviate bandy “quick shifter” for it and I’m hopeful it will both advance the active acquaintance and actualize abundant amplitude for that third cup holder. The e-brake is a “pull and twist” appearance which has developed on me and seems to be appealing defended on inclines. Fold down headrests in the aback are a charity for abandoning aback I don’t absolutely assurance the advancement camera yet.

My final agenda about this barter is there’s a abundance of advice available, as able-bodied as aftermarket locations and accessories. You can get assay aeroembolism account through all of the modifications and upgrades. I accept already emotionally spent bags added on a lift kit, bed extender, sliders, skids, and a hidden winch arise (because anybody needs a hidden winch, right?). I already accept a tailgate accretion on order, as able-bodied as some added motorcycle carriage accessories. 31-inch tires should accept absolutely appear on this barter from the factory. Aforementioned with the TRD exhaust; quiet at idle, but has a apple-pie and abysmal agenda beneath acceleration. Anybody keeps cogent me I charge the TRD supercharger (you apperceive who you are), but I acquisition the barter to accept added than abundant ability for my needs.

From a babe who has alone endemic “sporty” cars, this is the a lot of aflame I accept been about a car aback my BMW days.


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