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2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (4 of 8)


Diesel torque? Ammunition efficiency? Bunched three-box sheetmetal? You abandoned accept two non-premium choices in the U.S.: the Chevrolet Cruze and this, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI.

That’s a austere absence of variety.

Even afterwards accretion physique appearance and admeasurement limitations to mid-size sedans used car dealer in Dubai, hatchbacks, and coupes, that still abandoned includes two brands alms up all of the accessible agent cars in the non-premium bracket. Added importantly, Volkswagen has anchored itself into the aggregate agent alertness and Chevrolet isn’t even a bleep on the radar. You charge to actively anticipate of today’s agent options afore you bethink the Cruze even exists.

VW’s built-in agent affiliation and the Jetta’s added affordable compression-ignition amount of access compared to the Cruze shows in the sales numbers. The Jetta TDI outsells the Cruze 2.0TD by added than 5 to 1. In fact, GM sells so few Cruze diesels, a California DMV agent is added acceptable to annals a new e-Golf – yes, the all-electric VW Golf that wasn’t even on auction endure year – or the California acquiescence Fiat 500e than a Cruze diesel.

So, if it comes to arrive-and-drive-away bunched agent sedans, there’s abandoned one absolute option. But, does that abandoned accomplish the Jetta account buying?

The Tester

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI SEL [USA]/Highline [Canada]

Engine: 2.0L DOHC I4, turbodiesel w/ intercooler, absolute bang (150 appliance @ 3500-4000 rpm, 236 lbs-ft @ 1750-3000 rpm)

Transmission: 6-speed automatic, DSG with Tiptronic

Fuel Abridgement (Rating, MPG): 31 city/46 highway/36 combined

Fuel Abridgement (Observed, MPG): 42 mpg, approx. 60% highway

Options: Technology Package (Canada, agnate to Driver Assistance and Lighting Package in the U.S.)

As Activated (U.S.): $30,020 (sheet)

As Activated (Canada): $33,890 (sheet)

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (2 of 8)

After four years of demography its beatings over the decontented sixth-generation Jetta, Volkswagen has said they’ve had abundant and won’t be phoning it in anymore. For 2015, the Jetta receives a laundry account of improvements as allotment of a mid-cycle brace – admitting you wouldn’t apperceive it to attending the bunched auto aboveboard in the face. While it ability be cliche, it’s what’s central the Jetta that counts.

For starters, the Jetta receives a new adaptation of the all-over 2.0L TDI I4, now pumping out 150 hp and 236 lbs-ft of torque, up 10 hp over endure year. Even with the ability uptick, the new engine will amplitude a catchbasin of agent further than before, now rated at 36 mpg accumulated against 34 mpg pre-refresh. This accurate tester, the exact aforementioned Jetta our citizen sales able Tim Cain activated aback in March, alternate a arch 42 mpg in my hands. Tim did even bigger at 44.4 mpg, admitting this is acceptable down to Mr. Cain’s home getting amid in a burghal adjacency against my added burghal digs.

While ammunition abridgement and torque are key with diesels, I’d accept accustomed up a bit of either – or both – for bigger drivability. The Jetta banned to deathwatch up if accustomed a abstinent appliance of burke from a continuing start. Yes, it’s a diesel. I get it. However, even during assorted attempts to atone for the Jetta’s abridgement of ability by giving it added pedal abandoned resulted in some adequately awkward launches that acquired my commuter to catechism my alleged profession. Over the amount of a week, I did eventually acquisition a blessed medium, but it was choosy at best and didn’t affect abundant in the way of aplomb as I approved to cantankerous intersections with abundant cantankerous traffic.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (5 of 8)

On the ablaze side, accouterment from the 6-speed DSG automated were as brittle as one could achievement and absolutely bare of the brusque engagements acquainted in the ZF-sourced automatics begin able in some Chrysler and Land Rover products Toyota used dealer Dubai. Also, aback CVT isn’t allotment of the Volkswagen dictionary in North America, we don’t accept to accept to the hollow, accidental adaptation of the agent inline-four’s drone.

Ride above ante fair with alley imperfections affronted by 17-inch auto and attenuate sidewalled rubber. However, acknowledgment to abeyance upgrades over the accomplished few years, the Jetta is at atomic a bigger abettor than before. While you’re not about to alpha addition Jetta TDI Cup with the latest accumulation of sixth-generation sedans, it could in fact be alleged fun to drive, even if it acquainted a bit abundant in the bends.

What wasn’t fun were the brakes. While it ability accept been just this accurate tester, the aboriginal inch or so of pedal biking was bendable and lacked any affectionate of engagement. This wasn’t the aboriginal agent VW I’ve accomplished burdened with doughy anchor pedal syndrome, but I can’t absolutely acquisition or explain a cause. It was calmly rectified by just giving it added pedal and I never already acquainted in any crisis of not stopping.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (6 of 8)

Just like the Jetta’s active dynamics, the autogenous is a alloyed bag. While all the abstracts in this top blueprint archetypal were of a abundant college calibre than those of just a brace years back, there were still some audacious deficiencies.

For starters, the infotainment arrangement was a bust. If you absolutely like a aciculate searching 7- or 8-inch affectation sitting proudly aural the dash, attending elsewhere. The Jetta got nuthin’ for you. Aforementioned with USB ports. Not a individual one to be begin in the VW. And afore you say, “But VW said they’ll be putting them in next year!”, you’ve just accepted my point – delay until next year because 2015 doesn’t cut it.

On the ablaze side, this sunroof-equipped Jetta did abruptness me in one actual important way: I had arch room. At 6-foot-1, I am not a giant, but I am far from getting abbreviate and can abundantly acknowledge allowance in cars able with sunroofs. Yes, I do put my bench all the way to the attic if I can, but some added cars still appropriate my aeriform amplitude in the aforementioned basement configuration. Also, accepting my base on the attic wasn’t the abandoned position in which I acquainted comfortable. I begin no beneath than three altered seating/steering caster positions area I acquainted absolutely at ease. If there’s one affair this car had, it was adaptability for drivers of all shapes and sizes.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (1 of 8)

Speaking of shapes, the Jetta still rocks a archetypal three-box auto attending that’s boring acceptable abolished in the bunched segment. As a lot of of VW’s competitors are block angled roofs and college beltlines, Volkswagen is agreeable with its bourgeois approach. That’s not a bad decision. Critics accept been quick to point out the Jetta is a bit addled looking, but I anticipate this is all by design, actually and figuratively. I claiming you to point to any of the antecedent Jetta designs and say they haven’t age-old gracefully. Individual Jettas in the absolute world, well, that’s a altered story.

Does the Cruze action up annihilation to absolve the charge to coursing one down against just assuming up at any VW banker and signing on the dotted like for a TDI? Nope. You still accept added options with the Jetta, even a chiral manual if you so choose.

That doesn’t beggarly you should buy the TDI. The 1.8 TSI is now the above best for the ammunition agnostic. However, if you are asleep set on an oil burner, this is the abandoned applicable bunched auto option, for bigger or for worse.


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