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2016 Acura RDX Exterior-005


Acura has been a cast of highs and lows for a while. The MDX has been a abiding best-seller while their ample sedans accept abundantly sat unsold. The RDX, meanwhile, has had an absorbing history.

Acura’s aboriginal attack at a 2-row crossover was advanced of its time with a 2.3L turbocharged engine bearing 240 application and Acura’s Super Administration Used Car Dealer Dubai arrangement able of sending 90 percent of engine ability to the rear. The ride was criticized by Motor Trend as “harsh” and association complained about turbo lag from the segment’s alone four-cylinder turbo engine.

As the articulation grew, a lot of entries acclimated by itself aspirated 6-cylinder engines and RDX sales bootless to accomplish orbit. All break were that Acura’s bunched crossover was destined to be a low-volume alcove amateur in one of the fastest growing segments. Then Acura did something unexpected.

By the 2013 archetypal year, baby displacement turbo engines had become a basal in the articulation but Acura chose to blade the trend by replacing their 2.3L turbo with a 3.5L V6 during the redesign. The engine bandy wasn’t the alone affair that afraid Acura fans. Engineers continued the RDX in every direction, ashen the suspension, jacked up the ride acme two inches, dialed down the “sport”, removed the SH-AWD arrangement and adapted electric ability steering. Proving that the bunched affluence crossover client isn’t searching for TL Type-S on stilts, RDX sales added than angled and abide on an advancement trajectory, outselling its above BMW nemesis and besting every affluence 2-row crossover save the Lexus RX and Cadillac SRX.

2016 Acura RDX Exterior-004


Being a brace and not a redesign, changes to the exoteric are evolutionary. 2016 brings Acura’s signature full-LED headlamps and about-face signals which action three LED projector arrays and two LED reflector arrays for the top beams. (There has been some abashing about the top beams accepting halogen or LED lamps. The top and low beams are both full-LED but they use altered optical systems to focus the light.) In accession to the new beams, there are added creases, a restyled “beak” and some added chrome. Out back, new LED taillamps accompany the affair with a restyled bonanza awning to accomplish the RDX attending a little added like the MDX and ILX.

Before we go further, we care to allocution about how this crossover articulation boils down. In applied terms, there are three altered admeasurement classes of affluence 2-row crossover. At the top end we accept the Cadillac SRX, Lincoln MKX and Lexus RX, which are all 186-200 inches long. Next we accept the semi-segment area the RDX plays with the brand of the GLK, MKC, Q5, NX 200t, XC60 and X3. At the baby end of the calibration lie the Evoque, Q3, GLA and X1. You can accede the RDX a “tweener” in some agency aback it’s at the ample end of the boilerplate articulation but still 6-inches beneath than a Cadillac SRX.

2016 Acura RDX Interior-003


Like abounding companies, Acura banned the autogenous blush options depending on the exoteric blush you select. Unlike a lot of added companies, however, the choices are added limited. In abject RDX models, all colors except “Slate Silver” are angry to a individual autogenous color. Stepping up to the $38,970 RDX with Technology Package allows one added exoteric blush and adds an added autogenous blush best for the atramentous and aphotic blah exterior. That’s a far cry from the akin of customization you get in the competition, abnormally the Evoque, MKC and X3.

Spanning from $35,270 to $43,420, the RDX is one of the atomic big-ticket cars in this segment. As a result, it should not abruptness you that you accept to footfall up to the $38,940 archetypal to get covering seats and the 8-way ability adjustable commuter seat. As with the blow of the Acura calendar in the USA, complete copse trim is bare at any price, although we now get accepted rear altitude vents.

Although the RDX is about the aforementioned admeasurement as the X3 on the outside, you’ll acquisition four-inches added accumulated legroom in the Acura, breach adequately analogously foreground and rear, authoritative it easier for drivers with continued legs to acquisition an ideal alive position. Unfortunately, some taller drivers will apprehension the RDX has a little beneath foreground allowance than the X3. The accommodation for the roomier abode can be begin abaft the additional row area burden accommodation comes in at 26.1 cubic feet, one cube beneath the X3, 20% abate than the XC60 and 45% abate than the burden authority in the Lexus RX.

2016 Acura RDX Interior-005


Base and “AcuraWatch” models get a 7-speaker complete arrangement with a 5-inch blush LCD set top in the dashboard. USB, iDevice and Bluetooth affiliation are all standard Toyota car dealer, as is Sirius/XM and Pandora Radio (a smartphone is appropriate for Pandora). Because the RDX uses the aforementioned basal birr locations for all models, the baby LCD looks a little absent in the dash.

Adding the Technology Package brings the bigger change to the RDX’s autogenous for 2016: the AcuraLink 2-screen infotainment system. Here’s how Acura has declared the breach awning rationale: the 8-inch affectation set top in the birr is acclimated for navigation, abrogation the 7-inch touchscreen beneath to handle altitude and audio functions. However, in absoluteness you end up application both screens and their alternation takes some accepting acclimated to. While it’s accurate that you can about-face amid audio sources with the lower awning while accompanying watching the aeronautics map on the high screen, if you wish to browse a playlist, that’s done alone with the high screen. Entering an abode for aeronautics can be done application either awning with the ascendancy wheel/joystick or an on-screen keyboard on the 7-inch screen. The all-embracing architecture is not as well-integrated as the Infiniti InTouch arrangement in the Q50, but it has developed on me aback I aboriginal encountered it and the all-encompassing articulation command arrangement is one of the best in the segment.


Instead of starting with a 2.0L turbo engine like a lot of of this segment’s entries, all RDX models use the aforementioned engine. 2016 brings a ablaze afterlight to Acura’s 3.5L by itself aspirated V6, bumping ability to 279 application and torque to 252 lb-ft. Acura tweaked the segment’s alone butt deactivation arrangement to be added aggressive, switching to three-cylinder approach generally to advance artery ammunition economy. Sadly, the 2016 afterlight did not accompany the direct-injection arrangement begin in the TLX, RLX and MDX.

Early break were that the RDX would get the aforementioned 9-speed ZF automated manual as the MDX and TLX. However, for 2016 at least, the RDX continues to use the aforementioned Honda/Acura 6-speed automated as endure year. Aswell the aforementioned as endure year is an AWD arrangement that’s altered from the SH-AWD arrangement in the MDX and TLX. In a nut shell, the MDX can forward 90% of engine ability to the rear by absolutely locking the centermost coupling and over-driving the rear arbor vs the front. SH-AWD aswell has a torque vectoring action which can forward 100% of the rear arbor ability a individual rear wheel. The RDX isn’t like that.

To cut weight and amount from the additional bearing RDX, Acura chose to fit a added accepted AWD system. The accepted AWD arrangement is somewhat abnormal in this articulation because the majority of systems will absolutely lock a centermost coupling acceptance ability to be breach added or beneath 50-50 foreground to rear. The RDX won’t forward added than 40% of engine ability to the rear axle, abrogation 60% up front. Without the torque vectoring arbor begin in the SH-AWD Acuras, the RDX relies on an accessible cogwheel and brake-based absorption ascendancy to accumulate things in analysis on apart surfaces.

2016 Acura RDX Interior-009


The abridgement of SH-AWD agency while the AWD MDX is a activating adversary to a abject AWD X5, the RDX is not a activating adversary to the X3 in the aforementioned way. Speaking of the MDX, admitting accepting a agnate 60/40 weight antithesis and belief 300 pounds more, Acura’s three-row crossover in fact feels added nimble, abnormally on ambagious abundance anchorage if beneath power. That’s because the MDX’s rear arbor will forward added ability to the alfresco rear caster to advice circle the car and atone for the foreground abundant weight balance. That doesn’t appear in the RDX. Because the foreground auto in the AWD RDX are administration the majority of the engine power, the foreground end feels ablaze during harder dispatch and, depending on the surface, you’ll acquaintance balmy torque steer. The aberration in feel amid the XC60/MKC/NX and the RDX in this attention is not huge, but it is noticeable. I will atmosphere that with the absoluteness that FWD affluence crossovers are accepting sales success and the AWD RDX is still added activating on the clue than the FWD model.

At 3,737 pounds, the abject RDX is a part of the lightest 2-row affluence crossovers around, but abacus the AWD arrangement and all the options will advance the barrier weight to 3,946. If that sounds heavy, Volvo’s XC60 is up to 300 pounds added and Audi’s Q5 can be up to 500 pounds heavier. The ablaze barrier weight pays assets if it comes to dispatch and braking with our tester alive to 60 in 5.8 abnormal and braking from 60 to 0 in a abbreviate 116 feet. If it comes to complete grip, the ablaze barrier weight helps, but it can’t atone for the softer abeyance or the added ride acme and the RDX places in the boilerplate of the backpack in agreement of anchor but beneath boilerplate in agreement of feel if at 8/10ths. On the cast side, light-weight architecture and butt deactivation arrangement accustomed the RDX to boilerplate about 24 MPG over a week’s alive of 800 miles. That’s bigger than a lot of of the 4-cylinder entries in this segment.

2016 Acura RDX Interior-006

All RDX models get Acura’s “amplitude acknowledging dampers” which are a aberration on a accustomed strut design. The strut contains two valves with altered operating profiles. One charcoal bankrupt unless the abeyance encounters a ample and fast motion – like hitting a cavern – acceptance the abeyance to “soak” up the ample alley imperfections while commonly application a altered valve to accord the damper a “firmer” feel over baby imperfections. Either way you allotment it, this abeyance architecture and the 8.1 inches of arena approval accomplish the RDX’s ride added Lexus RX than BMW X3. To abode the berth babble complaint from first-gen RDX buyers, Acura fits alive babble abandoning to all trim levels.

At $33,100 and $34,480, the Lincoln MKC and Lexus NX 200t (respectively) both alpha beneath than the $35,270 RDX, but the Acura comes with added accepted accessories and a added able V6 engine. Depending on your options, the RDX may appear in amid $1,000 and $2,000 beneath than a commensurable Lincoln or Lexus, although both action added customization than can be had in the Acura. As with the Acura ILX, Acura is bundling their “AcuraWatch” arrangement (radar cruise control, blow warning, auto braking, and lane keeping) with added models than in the past, starting with a abject archetypal with AcuraWatch for $36,570. The “best value” is begin in the fully-loaded AWD RDX for $43,420, which undercuts the Lincoln by $4,000, the Lexus by about $5,000 and the BMW by over $10,000.

2016 Acura RDX Exterior-003

Obviously, a BMW X3 allegory is abounding with problems. The X3 is rear-wheel drive by default, has a abreast absolute weight antithesis and offers affluence appearance and customizations not accessible on the Acura. However, is the advance in dynamics and affluence account $10,000-$12,000? That’s not so simple to answer, but conceivably it is the key to compassionate Acura’s sales success. Conceivably a bigger question: is the Lexus RX account $10,000-$15,000 more? The RDX is added nimble, added engaging, faster, has a hair added leg allowance and is decidedly beneath expensive. The alone complete downside to the RDX is the accident of 15 cubic anxiety of burden space.

Acura’s active 2016 calendar seems to appearance it’s accepting its mojo back. The 2013 RDX was just what the segment’s shoppers were searching for and the 2016 RDX tacks on contemporary LED lamps, alarm cruise ascendancy adulation and added LCD complete acreage in the cabin. I wouldn’t say that makes the RDX the best all-embracing crossover in the segment, but, in my opinion, it is the best amount easily down. One thing’s for certain: the 100,000 association that plan on affairs a Lexus RX in 2015 charge to appointment the Acura dealer. Acura has able the archetypal RX 350.


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